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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

We are Uniquely Sacred Spiritual Center

A Spiritual Center offering all things connected to this Universal Unconditional Love Source Energy.  All kinds of Unique Sacred Teachings that offer Love, Light and Wisdom.  Experience How and Why you want to stay In-Tuned to the Infinite Intelligence that is all around you in your own Unique style with No Judgement!  Always understanding that we are more Powerful than we even know!  A Direct Message from Spirit_


Established as a Religious Organization on June 23, 2023 for the worship of the Metaphysical and Spiritual Understanding of Christ Consciousness.


Uniquely Sacred represents a vast diversity of Metaphysical beliefs and supports that there are many different paths to Truth, Personal Consciousness and God/Source.


This includes worship, spiritual education, spiritual healing, wellness, and the advancement of the Christ Consciousness to include aiding the community when able.

​We stand in great gratitude to Divinely Unified A Sacred Place which allows us to use their building and space to offer services.

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