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About Rev. Jenny Seeley

Jenny was ordained on October 31, 2021- Yes On All Hallows' Eve!  At the Metaphysical Chapel of Life in Newport News. How Appropriate Right? Just this year she has opened her Own Spiritual Center- Uniquely Sacred. Her real Spiritual Journey started in 2013 when she experienced some major life changes that lead her to this path, and she has been grateful ever since. You never know when one door shuts- what's on the other side!  She loves sharing with others how to open up to their Spiritual Gifts and how to recognize that all the things you experience are part of your growth.  She loves being a "Trance" medium where she steps aside so that spirit can merge with her to deliver their message. First and Foremost she is a Healer bringing in the Divine Spark of Unconditional Love for Healing whether it be emotional or physical. All messages whether intuitive or healing are those for your highest and best good and always are for your growth and understanding.  All of her messages are of Love, Peace and Healing. Secondingly she is a Teacher with the help of the Spirt World and Her Teachers that have lined up to help her she can offer classes that help you to connect to your Unique Gift! And Finally she is a "Wayshower" and helping all of us to learn to spread our Light Throughout the World!

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Laurie TuTu  is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Trance Medium and Energy Healer. She channels her spirit guides, helpers, animals and ancestors to bring forth messages to assist in her healing. While Laurie was desperately searching for a healing modality for her personal issues years ago, she found the practice of Shamanism.  She knew instantly she had found her path. The healing was so instantaneous and powerful that she began her studies to become a Shamanic Practitioner so that she could share the amazing healings that this modality offers. Her connection with the Devine also allows her to channel healing which assists with releasing old ideas and beliefs, cutting the ties that bind us and to release and move forward from past events and traumas.  With her Shamanic Team she offers healings that are unique to each individual and dives deep into challenges  or beliefs that are hidden from plain sight.  Some thoughts or beliefs that may seem so minor or have not been given much thought but once healed can produce amazing growth and healing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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