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Our Story
Rev. Jenny Seeley

In 2013 My life Changed!  I was stuck in a job that was virtually killing me- I was working endlessly to make things work to offer the customer service that I wanted to be associated with- I was in a 30 year marriage that was ending and I had to move out of my house until things got settled.  To say my life was in an uproar was an understatement. But you know during the turmoil you cannot see the Real Picture- The one that is meant to be. From that time I began my journey into the Magical, Mystical and Magical world of metaphysics.  Starting my journey at The Memorial Spiritualist Church and then the Metaphysical Chapel of Life, I spent my time learning all things spiritual.  I started to have development circles in my home and in 2019 opened Jenny's Place- A Place to Learn, To Experience and to Transform.  The more we studied and the more that I spoke with Spirit it was obvious that I had to open Divinely Unified in 2020.  Being moved to embrace that we are all one- studying this game called life and I wanted to offer a safe place to do just that.  In 2023, The Divine dropped a space in my lap and said OK- Now What? You have been talking of offering a Spiritual Center to the public and here it is-So with no funds- Divinely Unified opened a new space in Portsmouth. This Divine Infinite Intelligence definitely knows what is best so opened the doors to this Sacred Space for all those looking to learn and grow into a Consciousness of Understanding.  So In June- the 23rd, 2023- what great number to show the duality of our Mind VS our Soul with some help from some friends- I was finally able to get out of my Mind and Go with my Soul's purpose and Open Divinely Unified spiritual Center. I'm not sure where this venture will lead- But I know one thing for sure- We are all Unique and we are Sacred beings- So as we embrace this idea together- I can't wait to see what Infinite Intelligence has in store.  Come with us on this journey and experience your own growth in your own Unique Style.  We are all Uniquely Sacred. 

Our Elders Faith Leaders

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Jenny Seeley
Elder and Faith Leader
Laurie Seeley
Elder and Faith Leader
Blue Skies
Could Be You- Dream Big
Faith Leader
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