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Love is the Greatest Healer of all!

This message is meant for everyone- in times of turmoil- Love is the greatest healer of all. In times of disagreement- Love is the greatest healer of all. Love is that inner peace, that knowing that God is Love- Unconditional Love for both you and I. Sometimes when situations present themselves to you- Love is not what you are feeling- it is the exact opposite- Hate, discontent, anger. At that moment it is a learning experience. The reason why that feeling feels so bad is that it is not the way of our True inner self of unconditional Love. Our God wants to Love us- He wants us to Love us and he wants us to Love each other- even in times of disagreement. We really need to take this time to look at our inner being and feel safe and loved. Know that God has us in the palm of his hand and he is watching. Watching our reactions- our behavior and our love for one another. Please stand firm in the fact that each of us are creatures of God and with that we are Love. Whether you believe in the decisions of others or you are disappointed in their behavior- send them Love to heal the anger in their heart. The Law of attraction is a real thing- if you are sending out hate- hate will come back to you. If you are sending out Love with the greatest intention- Love will show itself to you again and again. At this time in the United States of America- Love is needed to uplift our belief in the Democratic system. Stop with the hate and heal that emotion in yourself. It is being presented so that you can heal that feeling inside of you! The more anger, hate, disappointment that you send out into this universe the more will show up to you in all kinds of different situations. So stop at this point and think about the kind of energy you are sending out into our universe. Heal those feelings of anger that are in yourself and know that you are unconditional love. Lift up the election in Love and peace and send Love to the individuals involved seeking God to give them guidance and incite to make great changes that will lift this earth up in Love and Peace. Amen

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