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Dream Big!

Dream Big! Well that is easy to say but it is not so easy to do. When we were kids it was fun to dream big- make up stories of how our life would be! How much fun we would have working at our jobs,

what we would do for vacations and how we would play no matter what! Then we grew up and so many people had so many influences on our life- but what if you were able to really stay in that kid state and keep on dreaming! Dream of what you want- dream of what you would love to be doing with your life, dreaming of all the good things that you want for your life. Dreaming so big that it seems ridiculous to most! But is it? Is it ridiculous to dream big? I don’t think so. Look around you- there are people that have mastered their dreams and still dreaming big! So it is possible. There are no excuses- the power of your dreams lie within you! You are the Creator of your experience- you are responsible for your own happiness or unhappiness. God says- “Ask and you shall receive” Wow! What if we spent just 5 minutes a day and thought of what our dream would be- go back to that childlike place where all things are possible and stay there for just a moment, imagining all the possibilities. Take a breath and feel the feeling of peace and joy and comfort, the pure happiness of realizing our dreams. And then once you step back into reality- be happy that you are on the road to your dream and know that the path we take is what makes our dreams even better than we could have imagined. Be happy in the fact that our past is NOT our reality and we can create our new reality today by the steps that we take to be happy and whole today. You are exactly what you think you are! If you think you are unsuccessful- you are just that! Be Happy in where your path has lead you to this point and know that you have the power to influence your life as we speak! You and only you can realize your dreams. God wants you to be happy on the path that you are on –RIGHT NOW! Know that sometimes those unanswered prayers are a blessing in disguise. There are great things in your future and you need to be willing and able to take that first step through that unopened door or to the other side of what you know is reality. When you do- Great things await you and Your God, your source will be standing by your side in amazement of all that you can do with the faith that is inside of you. Just grab onto it and enjoy the ride of faith, hope and desires. Take this time for yourself, recognize the beauty that surrounds you, dream your biggest dream with love in your heart and with peace in your mind and watch the miracles unfold. I personally can’t wait to see the miracles unfold.

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