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Healing Warriors

Sit back into your seat and relax. We take a deep breath and We know that we are about to receive a healing. We give our permission for the healing source of God to enter our soul and to transmute all of our muscles, our cells and anything that is holding onto any negative energy into the white light of God. As we take another deep breath, we imagine that we will transmute this healing energy into pure white light of Love that will travel to every cell, every muscle and every tissue in our entire body. With one more deep breath, We imagine the prism of light entering through our head and traveling all the way down to our feet. As we imagine it passing our throat, we feel at peace, we are transmuting the words we speak into glorious, soft and kind words. Words and thoughts that we share with others that are healing for them as much as they are healing for us. As this beam of light goes down into our heart, we feel the love that this light represents. We can see that love shooting out of our heart and traveling to others sitting around us, to our loved ones and to all the ones on the healing list. We imagine this light traveling at the speed of light and it fills every single person in the entire universe asking for a healing at his time. We can take a deep breath and know that as we breathe we are sending this healing love out into the universe. Right now we are acting as healing warriors and we are sending this healing to every person who wants a healing and to every place that it is needed. With each breath we take- we see this healing Love multiplying as it is sent. Now try to ground yourself in the enormous energy that is traveling around you and feel this power of healing surrounding your entire body and now travelling to your feet and then traveling even further to the center of the earth. You are grounded and you are extracting this energy from the earth’s center. It rejuvenates you- it gives you power and you know that you have experienced a healing like no other. Taking a deep breath, you know your cells and your entire being have been healed. You are so grateful in that knowing. You just want to shout it out to the world. I have been healed. Sit there and relax into that feeling and say once more- I have been healed. Ahh you are so blessed. At any time you have the power to re- activate this healing power inside of you simply by saying I give permission for a devine healing. And then take three deep breaths and feel the changes taking place in your body. Now that it is so- Miracles happen every day and you are deserving of one. It is time for you to come back to this place feeling rejuvenated and alive. Happy and joyous in the knowing of the healing powers of God.

Feel the energy surrounding you.

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