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Healing Spirit on the Other Side

At The Memorial Spiritualist Church we have been focusing on Spiritual Healing. We have just recently started the healing service on the last Wednesday of every month. It is a great service to offer healing of our mind, body and soul.

As a student of the Morris Pratt I am also learning that as we live here, we also live on the other side. In fact we have a spirit double on the other side of our life here. We are here simply to learn and to grow – to gain knowledge. It is the same when we get to the other side of life. We are still learning and growing.

So- Let’s provoke a little thought here. If while we are here on this Earth’s plane, we experience pain, hurt emotions with one another, jealousy, sadness, anxiety and all the other emotions that do not make us feel good. Do you think that we may carry those to the other side?

In our life here, Infinite Intelligence, God wants us to live as he Loves us and I honestly believe that these emotions arise when we are not loving ourselves like God Loves us! So when we get to the other side and we get to review our lives and see the effect that our actions have on others- I would think that sometimes that may make is Sad. It may hurt to know that some of our actions really affected the life of our loved ones in not such a good way. I truly believe that sometimes we really do not know how our actions affect others and can’t really sit with it until we are ready to face it head on and to be able to feel what the other is feeling.

So would it make sense that some of these spirit Loved ones on the other side struggle with knowing that you sitting here in your real life on earth are still struggling with something that happened in your past from a loved one that has passed.

They get a chance to do just that- Face It- Feel It and Heal It

Now let’s get real- when someone passes on to the Spirit Side of Life, it is so easy to Forget all the negative things that person did while on this Earth and you are surrounded by only the good memories. But sometimes, do you think that those bad feelings that we experienced with our loved ones may be affecting our lives now! So Why not offer forgiveness Now!

Forgiveness – such a beautiful word- It is a word that offers Love Peace and Harmony.

Recently in some of my readings, spirit is coming through asking for just that- Forgiveness.

For me, I always say that you cannot talk about the life I have lived until you have walked in my shoes. It is easy to look from the outside and condemn someone for their actions but you really do not know what experiences they had and how those experiences affected their lives.

But it does- because it effects who we are today-

So let’s sit back for just a moment and think about those loved ones that have passed on in spirit or even the loved ones that are here on this earth’s place now.

Let’s think about all the emotions that surround us with these loved ones that don’t feel so good. Sit with that for just a minute. OK- Lets be real- True to ourselves:

Remember that

What I embrace- I erase! What I resist- persists!

Face It- Feel It , Free It! bring in God , Infinite intelligence, whatever you call your source and heal it!

My Father or Mother,My Brother or Sister, My Aunt or Uncle, My Grandparents, My Spouse, My Friends. Are there some negative thoughts that might surround these loved ones that might need to be released.

Fill in the blanks- think of these negative emotions that each of them bring to the table. Sit with it for just awhile. Feel It!

Now honestly fill your heart with Light and Love for each and every one of them. Surround yourself and them with the healing light of God’s Love. Send this healing to your loved one in spirit and let them know that you offer a heart full of forgiveness for them to learn and to progress further in their life on the spirit side. You are moved by the fullness of your heart and the light in your soul and you know that you have done the same to the others on the spirit side of life.

We are always progressing. Here on this earth and when we get to the other side. Progress! Progress! Progress!

Doesn’t it make you feel good knowing that you have helped your loved one to progress in their spirit life as you progress in your life here on earth?

You know Today is always a new day! Offer forgiveness today!

I say – Lets offer forgiveness now. Let go of all the negative feelings that you have for someone.

Let’s love now with a full heart.

Let’s progress now to that person of Gods healing Love.

Peace and Love to All!

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