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Let's Slay that Dragon

Find that Warrior to Slay that Dragon

Sometimes do you feel that no matter what you do- there is something that is just holding you back from all that you can accomplish.

Do you wish that you could take your power back and stand tall in your diversity to handle all those challenges that keep arising.

Well Let's do it. Recently I had a healing that was an amazing experience. The Healer actually described what she saw as a dragon rearing it's ugly head and fighting not to let go.

As she was releasing this heavy energy- I felt the change in me. She actually had released what I felt was some very old energy that had a grip on me. Old emotional energy that could not be moved no matter how hard I tried- I think because it was tied into my feelings. Have you ever felt that sometimes your emotions are holding you back from the amazing person you are meant to be.

I believe that God has a plan for each of us. When you finally realize that - YOU and only YOU is what is holding you back- a shift can happen. Realizing that your beliefs and emotions are what keeps you tied down to the place where you are and not allowing you to soar as the person you are suppose to be.

So today is the day- That you take back your power. You stand tall in the fact that you have the power and NO ONE can take that from you. You call on God to release any and all negative energy that has it's grip on you and you slay that dragon once and for all! Evoke the power of God and all of your angels to remove this dragon and to restore you to perfect health and a being of only Light and Love. Love, Peace and Joy is our true essence. Do Not let anything or anybody stand in your way of your true being.

With Much Love!

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