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The Third Testiment

Just recently I was given a book that I just could not put down. The book is For Humanity: Teachings of Life and Truth .

It is an English translation of excerpts taken from the twelve volumes of El Libro de la Vida Verdadera.

The book of True Life. This is a book that can be downloaded for free in pdf format.

"The year of 1866 designates the beginning of the era of light. I sent Elijah to remove the veil of mystery and introduce the period of time of My communication with mankind as the Holy Spirit. Elijah illuminated a man destined by Me to be the forerunner. That chosen one, named Roque Rojas, was he who listened from spirit to spirit to the voice of the prophet, who ordered him, in My name, to call and unite his brethren, because a Divine revelation was about to illuminate the destinies of humanity. Roque Rojas, docile and humble as a lamb, obeyed the spiritual voice, answering: "God's will be done upon me."​

"This is the Third Testament, the Third Legacy, that our Father in His manifestation as Holy Spirit, in His promise made through Jesus to send the Spirit of Truth, to the Spirit of Consolation, entrusts His daughter humanity, to reach his redemption and spiritual salvation, through His divine wisdom."

The Book is divided into five Books to better understand the Divine Law given by Our Father three separate times. It was translated from 1866 through 1950. The first chair was Damiana Oviedo and she spoke of the Divine Light for the first time on May 11th, 1884.

First- Old Testament-

Time of Father or Moses- when God's Love was in Stone

Second- the New Testament-

Time of the Son- Jesus- when God walked the earth to show how his law of Love can be fulfilled.

Third-Time of the Holy Spirit-

When God the Father surrenders his wisdom- Spirit to Spirit.

OK- So I know this is Crazy

All of this makes so much sense to me. It has touched my soul and I am so glad that it was presented to me. Please do a little research and see if any of the information may resonate with you. Of course it is your free will and you are the only one that can determine if it makes sense to you. all i know are the teachings are of Universal Love and we all need some of that!

With much Love, Jenny

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