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Speak from your Heart

Today is a day of mastery. What is it that you want to master in your life. Dream about all those things that touch your heart and then act upon them. Make sure that your heart is connected to your brain and not the other way around.

Your Heart has the power to make great changes. In fact it is your heart that can direct your brain: we just do not use it that way. Most often we let our brain, past experiences, hurts, disappointments to influence our experience.

What if? We turned it around and only let those moments of true Love for our fellow beings be the influence on our brain? Compassion and Love would abound in all that we do. Forgiveness would be common place and past hurts would just fall away. So can we look at everything we see today and notice God?

God is All and All is God. Can we look at everyone with a little compassion for them, especially because you do not know their story.

Let’s try it! Spread the Joy, The Love and the Compassion for all that you come into contact with today and I promise you: you will feel it returned to you. You are special, You are full of Love, You are full of Light and you feel that in your heart!

Now tell your Brain!

With Much Love,


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