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Help Heal Yourself

Yesterday I attended a workshop on The Emotion Code- How to release your trapped emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness. The Book is By: Dr. Bradley Nelson. The lecture was given by Mario Grimes of Help Heal Yourself. What a great lecturer! For many years I have been lecturing on Negative Emotions and what they do in holding us back. And we have talked many times about healing those emotions. But what if these emotions are just like energy that is trapped in our systems and need to be released? What if, these emotions or a past trauma is what is causing the illnesses that we have. So many of us are working to be “Clean” in our diets and in our thoughts so why not think of being “Clean” in our cells. The concept makes total sense to me and I hope that you are open enough to find out more. The emotions that are causing our illnesses are found through muscle testing. I was introduced to this concept years ago at a sales seminar and it is absolutely amazing. Why not let your brain get out of the way and allow your body to tell you what the emotion is that is holding you back. Mario can even pin point it to a specific point of time when the emotion occurred within years. But he was absolutely clear- he is not healing you- YOU are healing you. You are recognizing the condition, finding the initial problem and then resolving and releasing the ties that bind you down.

Dr. Bradley Nelson Says:

"This is about creating a community that is committed to making this world a better place. And you are an important part of this transformation." It is definitely time to learn more. I can’t wait to schedule my appointment with our Local Expert Mario Grimes of Help Heal Yourself to find those trapped emotions that still have a little hold on me. Click here to schedule your appointment today! So far I have found that my emotion occurred during my Mom’s Pregnancy. Yes! These emotions can be felt in the fetus, they can be carried forward from our ancestry and it is a simple process to release. Set your appointment today and see what Mario Grimes can do for you.

If you would like to learn more- download your Free Emotion Code Starter Kit Click Here. Let the journey begin!

There is a Free Seminar on February 21st at 1pm Eastern Standard Time- by Dr. Bradley Nelson- Sign up now!

Today is a New Day! So let us join the community of like-minded energy pioneers who are helping to transform this earth to a higher plane of existence, one life at a time!

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