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Clear your Space

Clear your space. Archangel Jophiel- “Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you and use Feng shui”

Archangel Jophiel’s aura is deep rose pink signifying her beautiful, loving and caring nature. What a great card to pull today! Working on clearing all those things that don’t serve you- I have especially been working on those old emotions that are trapped in your energy field. It feels great to release them. Somehow you feel lighter. My spirit guides are always working with me- so what is it that they want me to share with you:

Clearing out clutter in your home, in your work, in your mind and in your space is essential today. There are all kinds of clutter- not just the material kind. Clutter that exist in the universe, in your energy field and in your personal space. What does it feel like when you take the time to just clean up that space? It feels lighter, it feels energized it feels clean. Clean of all the stresses, the downfalls, the emotions that do not serve you. So take some time today to clear all of the old emotions, the stresses that are not serving you at this time. Clean out, sweep out and watch them go to the heavens to be converted into useful energy. Energy that can be used for good, not stagnant. Imagine all the life forces around you, all of the energy that is surrounding you is of that high vibration and frequency allowing you to see what needs to be done to live in your higher self. You are the master of your own reality; you make your own happiness or unhappiness- So take action today! Make it happen and watch the shift occur. Remembering always that you are “GOOD STUFF” and you can make this a New Day in a New Way. Now get to that cleaning!

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