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Shamanic Healing

So Last night I receive my very first Shamanic Healing from Katrina Manikad with Stepping Stones Resource Center. The experience was something that was very interesting and actually freeing. With an open mind, I allowed Katrina to practice her “medicine on me” and immediately felt the energy in my body shifting. I could feel the healing taking place. Now this may seem really odd to some but I would say you have to have the experience at least once! The more I experience the different types of energy work- the more I am convinced that this type of healing- WORKS! for each and everyone. Every modality works just by YOU keeping your mind open and your heart in acceptance of divine healing and watch the miracles begin to happen. When you think that our bodies are energy, everything around us is energy- why wouldn’t it make sense that there could be blockages in our energy field.With the study of ancient religions you learn and understand that there are many different ways to heal. I really enjoyed the removing of the blocks that I have had for years and now I AM free of the ties that bind me- now watch me soar! A little about Katrina: Katrina is the primary practitioner at Stepping Stones Resource Center. She is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, a certified Life Purpose Coach and a Reiki Master in the traditional Usui form as well as Animal and Crystal Reiki.

So she shared with me a little about Shamanic Medicine:

Shamanism appeared over 40,000 years ago among indigenous tribes around the world. It generally allowed the tribes to have a medicine man/woman who treated individuals within the tribe for illnesses, focusing on body, mind and spirit.In most Shamanic frameworks, a medicine man or woman is someone who has the innate ability to administer “medicine” to the tribe using different modalities and practices. Please understand that the word medicine in this context is not the medicine definition we have in the West. Our practice uses the word Medicine in reference to the transformation, removal and transmutation of energy that no longer serves us. As with many Shamanic practices, our medicine is guided by a Spirit Animal. In our case, it is a Wolf and we practice Wolf Medicine. Wolves represent power, stamina and endurance, they are social and highly organized animals that understand balance, harmony and discipline, as they must to live within a pack. Wolves can also represent standing your ground and setting boundaries. They can balance the responsibility of family and their individual needs without sacrificing their identity. Wolf Medicine can help you gain clarity and balance throughout your life as well.

Quite Honestly- I can't wait to research my Spirit Animals that she has given me at this time in my life:

A chimpmunk that ran away and

A Tree Frog. Stay tuned to the update!

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