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You Have the Power!

My message today is of Hope. Hope that you can have everything that you wish for. Hope that you live your life free of pain, emotional and physical. Hope that you get to experience pure joy in all that you do. But Hope is not what you need in order to accomplish these things. It is the desire, the faith and the determination that will get you to these places. It is that fire inside your soul that will move you to the place you want to be. No one else can do it for you!

You have the Power!

You have the power to change your life in midst of all the obstacles. Do you know that YOU have the power or are you giving your power to someone else.

Well if he … then I would be happy, Well is she… then I would be happy. If I lived there, or drove that, or worked there, then I would be happy.

Why are you giving your power to others? Your power is right within you:with your desire not your wishing or hoping. Have you ever felt that desire which was so big inside of you that nothing would stop you. That is the desire that I am talking about today. Living your life with gusto! With the gusto for all that you desire. You are the Master of your universe- or at least the perception of your universe. You have the power to perceive it as broken or perceive it as just what needs to be at this time. Yes- what is needed at this time, and place. We all have lessons that we have to learn and we all should be very grateful in that journey.

Look around you at this time and Love all that you see. Allow the love that is inside of you, the love that makes you feel good, go out into this world and heal others. As we know, when we heal, we see others heal, and then are able to heal others. Today is your day of inspiration, what you can do to feel the power that is inside of you? What can you do to share the love that you have for others around you that may not know the power that is hidden inside of them? This is a time of great release, release of the power within, release of all the ties that bind us down. Are you ready to take that power and be who you are really meant to be: A Child of God source, of unconditional Love and Peace.

Try it today! try to see your power, feel it, own it and just Be It. Today is your day to take power in the knowing that you and only you are in control of your own happiness or unhappiness- you have the power to decide. YOU! Stand tall in that knowing and feel your power.

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