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Are you listening?

Healing is an internal thing. You must be willing and able to accept that things are not the way they should be. That you want change, you believe in change and you are willing to take the necessary steps to change. God says- Ask and You shall receive. However, I believe that sometimes we forget the action of asking with our full faith and belief that things can change. The action of asking includes listening to that whisper that advises you of the action that you need to take. That whisper that comes from within or your intuition- not your beliefs or the beliefs of others that has been engrained in you for years. Have you taken that moment to be with yourself- to listen to that inner voice that is telling you something. Most often that inner voice is CRAZY- telling you to do something you have never done before. Something that is out of the ordinary- remember it is always something out of LOVE. Not hatred. Most often it has absolutely nothing to do with what you are asking for- but yet it does have everything to do with what you are asking for!~ Just take that step, go to that market, stop by that store, buy the item, talk to that person that keeps popping up in your head. Just one step can introduce you to a whole new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of experiencing life. That step taken with love helps to guide you to whatever experience is there for you. God works in such mysterious ways. Be open to taking that step that seems so out of the ordinary. Mysterious ways cannot occur when you are trapped in the same old thing. Quiet your mind- get rid of the chatter and imagine talking with your heart. That is where God Lives- not in your mind and not in the chatter outside your mind. God lives in your Soul, Your Being, Your Heart. Go there to meet God. And be sure to listen to the whispers- they are there- he is speaking to you- Will you be listening??? When we pray we talk to God, When we quite our mind and listen- God speaks to us!

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