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Clean Up- Let's Everybody Clean Up

It is time to clean up! Clean up your old belief system, clear out any thoughts that do not serve your perfect self. It is so easy to repeat all the beliefs that have been given to us since we were children. The beliefs that society places on us and the beliefs that we have been repeating for our entire life. You know the ones that society have too- It’s not easy to lose weight, It’s too hard to be nice to strangers, I will never >>>>>> you fill in the blanks. What if? What if we started changing society? What if we changed up the whole belief system- What if we were the voice of change in our own lives? Our consciousness is linked together- and just one thought can spread like wildfire- so why not have it be a thought that is different than the rest. Why not have it be a thought of pure Love for one another. When we are linked together- miracles happen! So let’s start- let’s take just one little step to our future and clean up just one of our beliefs that do not serve us. Just one! Every time you think that thought- change it- Say this is NOT what I believe- This is NOT my thought. So many of us feel not worthy of Love- simply because we do not love ourselves enough. We think we are bad in one way or another. We are held back not giving love simply because we do not have that for ourselves. Let’s change that thought. We are worthy! We are worthy of God’s Love. He has forgiven us just as we should forgive others- especially ourselves. Love is the most important gift we can receive and it is the most important gift we can give. Let’s make a vow to clean up- clean up everything around us that does not represent pure Love. Start with your space. Clean up anything that does not make you happy or bring you pure joy- yes I am talking about items, material things. Get rid of them and cut the ties that they have on you- whether it is guilt, hate or memories of times past that are not pleasant. Then start on your belief system- pay attention to your thoughts- pay attention to see if you thoughts are truly how your soul feels- your heart feels. Any easy way to tell if your thought is from your heart- does it make you feel Good? Then it is from your heart and soul. Take this challenge and start cleaning- it will make you feel good either way! With Love!

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