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Healing the Past and Letting it Go!

The past is just that” THE PAST” and it really does not have any influence on your future- what you are doing today impacts your future. When we speak of the past and re-live all the events of the past we can’t be present in the present. Everything and everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it is hard to try to figure out the reason but we have to have faith that God has a bigger plan for us than any of us know. Can you just imagine finding out the whole picture and seeing where everything makes sense. It is a concept that is way past our understanding- so why not just go with the flow. Why not just know that the incidents, the people, the material items that are in the past are there for a reason- why keep them in the present if they do not belong there.

Today let’s spend our time thinking of our future- How we want to see ourselves in 5 years, 10 years or even 50 years. Let’s see ourselves how we want to be- Healthy and Whole. Let’s imagine all the possibilities- possibilities that are not even in our concept of reality.

Why can’t we change our concept. Do we die young because be believe that is our reality? Do we live unhappy lives just because we feel that is all we deserve? Do we spend our days looking at others and living in envy? Your beliefs are what makes you- your reality is created by your beliefs. Let’s live in a life that is full of all kinds of possibilities. A life full of Love and Joy! A life that we design with our own beliefs and intuition. Truly imagine all that could be yours for the asking- then Ask!

Follow the action plan and then receive! It is that simple!

IAM THAT- I AM! What are you going to be AM today? I AM Love, I AM Peace, I AM a divine being that is experiencing a human experience. I am Infinite Possibilities! I AM!

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