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Ask for Help!

We so often forget to ask for help! We forget that there is an infinite power that is ready to serve. Our God and our angels and there just waiting for us to take the first step in the process of getting what we want. Whether that is just to feel better, to get the guidance that we are asking for, to know what our next step is. The Asking is the most important thing. It is the one thing that starts the process. But there is an important second step. We are always too willing to ask God to take a situation away or to relieve a stress or to change a situation- but are we willing to listen to his guidance. Are we willing to listen to what the universe is sending to us as an action that we have to take on our part? That is one of the important parts of “Ask and You shall Receive”. There is an action involved- an action to every reaction. So how do we know- How do we know what is the action we need to take in order to receive? Follow your heart! Follow your guidance that comes from your heart- the guidance that makes you smile- that makes you happy- that makes you joyful inside. Now that is sometimes hard to do when your mind is telling you something totally different. But remember that your mind is like a computer running through all the things you were taught- every belief you have ever held- every belief that anyone in the world around you has- the Normal- the expected.

Well what if? For one day- you expected the unexpected!

What if you followed your heart and watched a miracle occur. What if your opened a door that your mind says is impossible. What if? Can you just imagine? Ask! And then be willing to re-act. Drop away all the “this is the way it should be” and create “this is the way I want it to be”! Go out into this great universe and experience- Live- and Love with all your heart and watch miracles happen right before your eyes!

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