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Friends Healing Friends

Today is a very important message about Friends Healing Friends.

Our world gets crazy and we are so busy- but never let us forget that we always will need Love from those around us and sometimes from those we do not even know.

God sends us exactly what we need when we need it. Love is the cornerstone of our universe and as we send out more Love- Love is what is sent back to us. The most important principle of healing is LOVE. As you look at the people around you and you send them healing prayers of Love and Peace, someone out there is doing the same for you. Imagine that! You pray for someone and the circle is not broken- someone is sending you a prayer. God wants more than anything for us to be Happy and Whole.

So who are you going to pray for today?- not with concern in your heart, not with judgement in your being, not with despair but with pure Love- the Love that comes from your heart and is unconditional- nothing has to be done in return to send this love- just pure Love. You always send this love not expecting anything in return. You do it because that is who you are- a being of Love. It makes you feel good in your soul. It makes you feel good to know that today- you were part of the universal conciseness of pure Love. Let it resonate throughout your entire body, your muscles, your bones and most of all- feel it go through your DNA- Your Cells and your cell memories. Your cells know who you are and they know they have a job to do. We are telling them to do their job with Love- You are telling them that you are a being of pure Love and that they should act in the same way. So I am asking you to pray today- pray words of Love- Remember that a prayer can be our thoughts- we do not have to have a ritual to pray- or a special day to pray- we can have a direct line to God with our thoughts. So thoughts of Love and Peace should always be on your mind and in your thoughts. And then watch Love Grow like a blooming flower.

You are the Power, You are the Source of all things, You are part of me and I am part of you. Namaste

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