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The "NO" Prayer

The “NO” prayer is a real thing. It is at it was said a direct line to GOD. It is one in which is direct! It is solid! It is no questions asked- it is definite- no wiggle room- It is NO! With all the force and power that you can muster. The “NO” prayer leaves no room for negotiation. It has been used for many years but it has never been recognized for the power that it has.

When times are rough, and it seems that nothing will help, it seems that you are being pulled in so many different directions, that there is no hope, that a freight train is heading in your direction and you want it to stop- then muster up all the power within your soul and scream! Yes I said scream NO! Then watch your angels- change the direction of the train!

At that point your intentions are CLEAR! There is no wiggle room! You are strong and forceful and you know exactly what you want! That is you direct line to GOD! That is when you are clear in your intentions. Your vibration is high with the power in your voice!

Let’s not plead anymore- let’s be clear in our intention. If there is something that you no longer want in your life and you want it gone for good- Pull up as much energy as possible and scream “NO”. Do it in public and watch everyone turn. Do it in your own home and feel the energy change.

Do it in your own private space and feel the release of all the emotions that are just waiting for you to release them. Remember always that you have the Power. You have been given the free will choice by GOD to do what it best for you. What you need in order to be closer to GOD.

If there is something in your life that needs to be changed- Do it- Scream “NO” I am not willing to accept this thing anymore!

With Much Love and guidance.

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