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Divine Message Delivered by Uniquely Sacred Results in Father-Daughter Reunion

Uniquely Sacred, a safe place for spiritual development and community, is owned and managed by Jenny and Laurie Seeley. These sisters are truly gifted in the ability to connect with Spirit to help people navigate Earthly challenges. I know this because they helped me with a message from St. Anthony that led to me reuniting with my father and potentially resolving generational Karma.

Back Story - Father & Daughter Bond Broken

My father is 72 years old and two years ago, I caught my father having an emotional affair on my mother on Facebook. Unfortunately, this led to a can of worms being opened, as I had no idea he was a serial cheater and abuser.

With my mother 4 years older at 76, she was suffering much more from all of the abuse and with my encouragement, she decided to finally leave my father.

My father decided to give in to the temptation and moved to Portugal to be with his side-kick. Due to his actions towards my mother during their 45 years of marriage, I no longer wanted a relationship with my father and stopped all communication with him after moving my mother out of their house.

Signs from Above & Unconditional Love

The indifference for my father continued for a year and a half until watching the movie After Death in which a man has a Near Death Experience (NDE) and reunites with his father afterwards. His lesson from his NDE is that God only wants us to LOVE - no matter what.

While crying uncontrollably, I emailed my father to let him know that I would like to reconnect. Unfortunately, he did not receive that message until a month later because he was in the middle of a 30 day stay in the hospital after suffering a stroke - no one knew since he disconnected from all family during the time leading up to the stroke.

The Power of Uniquely Sacred

After my father was released from the hospital and entered rehab, he sent a message to my cousin about what happened. I immediately sent him a message, which he replied to, but he was not willing to tell anyone where he was for treatment. Since I didn't know the state he was in after the stroke because of being nearly uncommunicative, I decided to fly to Portugal to find him.

The decision to fly to Portugal was a hard one but with the help of the Uniquely Sacred sisters, I decided to follow my heart and live without regrets.

When I arrived in Portugal, I received a message from Jenny who said she connected with my grandmother - my father's mother - who had been communicating with me already. She also said that she had a message that I should pray to St. Anthony.

At first, I said, "Oh interesting... my dad's name is Antonio". I said the prayer asking for help from St. Anthony in finding my father (St. Anthony helps people find lost things) and Jenny thought maybe that would work for people too.

After saying the prayer, I looked up St. Anthony online and I nearly fell out of my chair.

St. Anthony is the patron saint of Portugal and not only that - Lisbon - exactly where I was and my father lived. St. Anthony was born in Lisbon and has a church in his honor. There are grand festivals for him every year, and is highly revered by the Portuguese.

Jenny had no idea, but the synchronicities cannot be denied.

Within an hour of receiving Jenny's message and praying to St. Anthony, my father called me. While at first he did not want to tell me where he was located, he gave in, and I was able to get the address and see him that night.

St. Anthony interceded with the help of the sisters at Uniquely Sacred.

Uniquely Sacred - Divine Communication for Guidance

As a spiritual person, I wholeheartedly believe St. Anthony had a part in reuniting my dad and I. I would have never found him if I hunted for him all over the city as I had planned. I would have never prayed to St. Anthony if it weren't for Uniquely Sacred.

The love I've received from Jenny and Laurie Seeley is the love of God. They are doing God's work on Earth through their spiritual center in Portsmouth - Uniquely Sacred.

If you're struggling or simply want to grow spiritually, you will not find a better place to heal and grow than at Uniquely Sacred. These sisters along with their tight-knit community members are what the world needs for a happier, peaceful and loving Earth.


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