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The Creation of A "Church"

So as I am awaken on this 7th day of July, 2023 at 3:11am I feel so blessed.

7= A Spiritual Number -Great for all things Spiritual-

July= 7th month

7th Day

2023= A 7th year

3am- Represents GOD in 3 parts-

The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost

11= New Beginnings Repeating itself makes it a master number

I Love the Synchronicity of how God Speaks to us- through our soul. I love paying attention to numbers- they really are a supernatural way of offering messages.

On this 777 DAY

I am launching a "Church". OK not what I refer to as a Church but a Spiritual Center. Because inside these walls - there will be Love- Unconditional Love for you no matter where you are on your path. If you are hurt or broken- if you are lonely or afraid- if you need to be accepted-OR if you are in a place of Love, Grace and Compassion and just want to show others the way-

Uniquely Sacred Spiritual Center is there for you.

A Sacred Place where you can learn to be one with this Higher Power- this Divine Source of All that is and is really the Truth of who you are less all the old beliefs and stories that no longer serve your highest and best good. A Place where you can feel comfortable in your own skin. Free to Flow with Your Soul.*

You are Good Stuff

Let's remember that throughout our lifetime we have had the Good and The Bad and we are still standing. This is a time to remember that there really is no Good or Bad- they are just experiences that allow us to be where we are today! The Growth- The Blessings-The Grace. As we go along this Life's path, let's always remember that we are in control of our own reality. We are writing our own stories and we get to decide the plot of that story with Love.

Looking Back

I am sure that opening this Spiritual Center has been in my path for my lifetime- I have pure Faith and Trust that it will all work out and that it was meant to be. I am reminded of my favorite Church Hymn that I listen to as a child going to church with my Grandma every Sunday. It was upbeat and fun! The Church in The Wildwood by Bill and Gloria Gaither

The first Verse Lyrics:

There's a church in the valley by the wildwood

No lovelier place in the dale

No place is so dear to my childhood

As the little brown church in the vale

(Oh, come, come, come, come) Come to the church by the wildwood

Oh, come to the church in the dale

No spot is so dear to my childhood

As the little brown church in the dale

My favorite Verse- (Oh, come, come, come, come) Come to the church by the wildwood

So I say Come, Come, Come, Come, Come to Uniquely Sacred, The little Brick Church Located inside of Divinely Unified and Find your Higher Self- Your God Spark- Your God's Gift and learn to Flow with Your Soul* (Thank you to Zach) in a way that you have never experienced before.

No spot is so dear to my childhood- As we embrace and heal our Inner Child with Love and Compassion, Forgiveness and Grace.

Our Goal is to bring Spirituality back into "The Church".

Our Vision:

As we embrace our Own Unique God Given Gifts,

We can be the Way Showers for so many that want to embrace their gifts.

Our aim is to offer a safe place to explore the Truth of Who We are.

Uniquely Sacred

Come join us and we will offer a safe space for you to Grow. Become a Member today!


Membership in Uniquely Scared shall be open to all regardless of any previous or currently held religious affiliation.

We welcome all individuals who are open-minded, curious, and seeking to deepen their connection with the Divine, expand their consciousness by diving deep into the realms of metaphysics, encompassing the study and application of universal spiritual principles, energy healing, intuitive development, and the exploration of expanded consciousness.


Thank you to Divinely Unified A Sacred Place for offering a great space for us to Grow!

Thank you, Zach, for this beautiful Wisdom Statement- "Flow with Your Soul". He is a Spirit Helper of KJ Kier, an intuitive serving Divinely Unified-He offers Intuitive Soul Channeling to help introduce you to your Soul-or Higher Self.


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