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What is your Act of Love Today?

Today is a new day! Do you get tired of hearing that sometimes? Never lose site that every day is a new beginning, the past is just that THE PAST and nothing can be done to change it- only you can begin again.

A Fresh start: a New Day. Why not start this day looking for a change. One little thing that you would like to see manifest in your life. One thing- a new love, a new job, a better relationship with your loved ones, a pain free healthy life- so on. Now step into that feeling. How does it feel to you? What would it look like to you? All of us want new experiences because we would feel better- right? So Let’s feel better today- in this moment. Let’s not worry about the details of how we are going to feel it- lets live in the moment and feel the joy, the love, the peace. And then leave it in God’s hands. He has got this and there is no need to worry about the details. He is working to send you messages to inspire your experience along the way to your desires. There are things that you can do in your current life to make changes- to Love more, to experience more joy- to feel the peace- What can you do today to experience that Joy? Try it! One little act of kindness will send a message out to the universe- that you are ready- you are ready for change. As we send out Love more Love is returned to us many times over. What is your act of Love today?


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