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Our Blog- Soul Connection: How to learn to "FLOW WITH YOUR SOUL"

It's A Unique Style for each of us! But it is all Divine. Can we be in-tune- Let's Explore ways that we are all connected in this journey to connect to our Truth.

Opening Uniquely Sacred has been a Divinely Led experience. It is truly a mission of Faith and Trust! Trusting that there is a Higher Power that is here for us! Not one that is judging us and ready to condemn us- but one that is standing beside us to learn and to grow and to help us find that Higher Power that exists within. Is that our Soul? Is this the Higher Power we talk about - really Our Own Soul? Our Truth? The Higher aspect of who we are. I really do believe that this God that we know of unconditional Love- resides in the ALL. In All Things! The All is created in our thoughts- our mind - it is Natural Law. So isn't it OK that my thoughts of God may be different than yours. Is it OK to explore all kinds of beliefs and understandings from the world and come to a unique understanding of your God- Your Source- YOU!

I am Rev. Jenny Seeley and I want to explore all things Magical Mystical and Metaphysical. This exploration should be fun- to be expansive- to be interesting and at times super natural. Yes- Don't you believe that it is all Super Natural.

The Super Natural has existed since the beginning of time and still today there are some things that happen that just cannot be explained. I LOVE hearing the stories of the Synchronicities that happen in our lives- where this Energy Exists and shows itself to us in times of need or even when least expected and sometimes many years later.

Come with me on a journey to explore this magical state of being- of learning to connect to your Higher Self- You as the Divine Being that you are. Let's explore our imagination and see what we can master in our lives and those around us. Let's Share in an open forum our experiences our joys, our healing.

Explore Divine Healing

Let's Explore all ways that we can experience healing of our Body, Mind and Soul. Spiritual Healing comes from the Divine and all it takes is a belief that it is so- from not only the Healer but from the recipient. Sometimes the Higher self can know that a healing is necessary even though the person does not believe.

Prayer is a mighty force and creates the bond between Infinite Intelligence and your God Source. As we make this connection and chanel This Divine Healing Intelligence- we too are healed.

We stand in much gratitude to our God Source for allowing us to be the channel to offer this Divine Love and Healing.

*Flow with Your Soul*

As we learn this process- Great things begin to happen and you find this Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love deep inside of YOU!

It is time to reclaim the Spirituality of Church- This is my Vision for this Spiritual Center- A Place for Diversity, Understanding, and Growth in a Sacred Space.

So if you are interested in joining us-


Membership in Uniquely Scared shall be open to all regardless of any previous or currently held religious affiliation.

We welcome all individuals who are open-minded, curious, and seeking to deepen their connection with the Divine, expand their consciousness by diving deep into the realms of metaphysics, encompassing the study and application of universal spiritual principles, energy healing, intuitive development, and the exploration of expanded consciousness.

*Flow with Your Soul*

A Wisdom statement offered by Zach, A Spirit Helper of KJ Kier an intuitive serving Divinely Unified-He offers Intuitive Soul Channeling to help introduce you to your Soul-or Higher Self. Subscribe to Divinely Unified to keep up to date on his Appearances and Classes.


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