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I'm Jenny and I would love to get to know you!  All of us are on this path of awakening!  To be honest, Divinely Unified was started just so I could learn all things Magical, Mystical and Metaphysical.  I wanted to offer a place for you to do the same.  No longer are we hiding in the background- we are coming out and embracing our gifts with Love and Support of all those in our group.  No Judgement here- Check out our services, classes and workshops and see what I mean!

Then God handed me an opportunity to expand our teachings and to give a place that you can be YOU!  A Spiritual Center where we all come together as one in Service to this Great Universal God Source.


This is the reason why Uniquely Sacred A Spiritual Center was created with Love for each of us.  

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My Story

 I am a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads and has been a REALTOR for over 40 years. I am a Minister with The Metaphysical Chapter of Life in Newport News and owner of Divinely Unified with two locations serving the tidewater area. 

For years I have been holding development circles and I love to watch Spirit move in so many Mystical and Magical Ways.  This love of Spirit allows me to support others in their dream of embracing their God Given Gifts.

Supporting others to find their own Unique Style to find their Truth of who they are is my dream and the reason why Opening This Spiritual Center was so important.

 Healing of all kinds is what I enjoy most, whether it is in messages from spirit, teaching classes or helping others to see that sometimes things are holding us back from our true essence and to help you find those things.  Helping you to heal all those “Trapped” emotions from our DNA and Our Cell Memories. 


The Laying on of Hands Healing Training has been an extremely rewarding program, as I watch all my students find that light inside of them to not only heal themselves but to heal others.  Once each student is approved as a Laying on of Hands Healer- They are then loving referred to as "My Healers" with Love for each of them.

During the summer at “Jenny’s Place,” we offer spiritual healing in the pool. In 2019 I was asked to offer my pool as the Pool of Bethesda just as in the Bible.  With Intention we ask that the four Watchtower Angels stir the water to enhance the healing. 


I enjoy being introduced to all kinds of philosophies that open her mind to all the possibilities and I Love sharing these experiences with others to do the same. She walks in Love of this Great Infinite Universe.

You can learn more about Rev. Jenny at


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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