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Sacred Soul Saturday Service

Come join us for an hour of Creating a Sacred Space in our Mind, our Body and our Soul.

Blue Skies

Service Begins
at 11:00am
ends at 12:00pm

 Each Sacred Soul Saturday will feature different Speakers and a great opportunity to share.


Service Includes:

Opening Prayer
Meditation by Music
Laying on Hands Healing Opportunity
Speaker to Share thoughts- Open Forum Discussion
Closing Prayer 

Blue Skies

This Sacred Service is meant to be a place that encourages individuals to gather and to engage in thoughtful discussions, open dialogue, share diverse perspectives, and explore various topics of interest and their own unique spiritual growth.
The Open Forum serves as a platform for members and visitors alike to express their thoughts, ask questions, and contribute to the collective learning and understanding.

Uniquely Sacred Spiritual Center embraces the principle of inclusivity, welcoming individuals from different backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life, fostering an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

Blue Skies

An Inclusive
Open Forum Service

Blue Skies

Flow With Your Soul
Offered By
Divinely Unified

Be sure to stay for the Sacred Soul Connections that follows the service starting at 1pm-2pm 


A Beautiful Class that includes meditation and an experience to Flow with your Soul

Find how to connect to that Higher Power that is the Truth of who you are! 


🌟Different Facilitators and Subjects each week.  None are the same.
Find what resonates with you in the experience of connection to Your heart- Your Soul- Your Truth



🌟Every 2nd Saturday- you are invited to stay for the Magical, Mystical and Metaphysical Event hosted by Divinely Unified.  It will start at 1pm and last till 4pm. Enjoy some refreshments and browse the products and  services.

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